University of Southern California

Video Showcase

Gerard J. Tellis is an internationally recognized scholar and expert in the field of innovation. He is the Jerry and Nancy Neely Chair in American Enterprise and Professor of Marketing, Management and Organization at the USC Marshall School of Business as well as the director of the USC Marshall Center for Global Innovation.

In these videos, Dr. Tellis discusses the central role innovation plays in today's global economy.

1. Why Market Leaders Fail.

Established companies have a hard time innovating. Dr. Tellis explains why.

2. Barriers to Innovation:

What keeps established companies from innovating? Dr. Tellis explains the reasons that keep many from breaking into the next new thing.

3. Empowering Innovators Internally:

The old model of top-down inspiration won't work anymore, says Dr. Tellis. He explains why here.

4. Why I chose USC and L.A.:

Dr. Tellis describes what lured him to Los Angeles and to the University of Southern California.

5. Why the U.S. is the world’s innovation Leader:

An expert view on why America is still the most innovative country in the world.