University of Southern California

Academic Field Leadership

Marketing Journal Top Management:

  • Valerie Folkes, Associate Editor, Journal of Consumer Research. Former President and Vice President, Journal of Consumer Research Policy Board
  • Valerie Folkes, Former Area Editor, Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • Gary Frazier, Co-Editor, Journal of Marketing
  • Debbie MacInnis, Former Co-Editor, Journal of Consumer Research
  • Debbie MacInnis, Current Associate Editor, Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • C.W. Park, Former Editor, Journal of Consumer Psychology
  • Joseph Priester, Former Associate Editor, Journal of Consumer Research
  • Gerard J. Tellis, Associate Editor, Journal of Marketing Research

Editorial Board Memberships:

  • International Journal of Research in Marketing: S. Siddarth
  • Journal of Consumer Psychology: Valerie Folkes, C.W. Park, Gülden Ülkümen
  • Journal of Consumer Research: Kristin Diehl, Valerie Folkes, C.W. Park, Dennis Rook
  • Journal of Marketing: Valerie Folkes, Gary Frazier, Debbie MacInnis, Joe Nunes, C.W. Park, Gerard Tellis, Allen Weiss
  • Journal of Marketing Research: Shantanu Dutta, Gary Frazier, Gerard J. Tellis
  • Marketing Science: Anthony Dukes, Shantanu Dutta, Joe Nunes, Gerard J. Tellis
  • Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science : Kristin Diehl, Debbie MacInnis
  • Marketing Letters : Shantanu Dutta, S. Siddarth
  • Review of Marketing Science: Shantanu Dutta