University of Southern California


Name Email Office Group
Eric Allen
Assistant Professor ACC 116 Taxation
Jack Barcal
Professor ACC 207 Taxation
Randolph Beatty
Professor ACC 117 Financial
Sarah Bonner
Professor HOH 622 Financial/Auditing
Elizabeth Chuk
Assistant Professor HOH 815 Financial
Ruben Davila
Clinical Professor ACC 126 Financial/Managerial
Mark DeFond
Professor HOH 816 Financial/Auditing
David Erkens
Assistant Professor HOH 817 Managerial
Chrislynn Freed
Clinical Professor ACC 115 Financial
Shane Heitzman
Associate Professor HOH 822 Taxation
Bill Holder
Dean of the Leventhal School of Accounting ACC 101A Financial/Auditing
Merle Hopkins
Clinical Professor ACC B-4A Financial
Cecil Jackson
Clinical Professor ACC 110 Financial/Managerial
John Karayan
Senior Lecturer ACC 209  
Christo Karuna
Adjunct Assistant Professor ACC 118  
Joseph Keller
Clinical Professor ACC 212 Taxation
Bob Kiddoo
Clinical Professor ACC 114 Systems/Controls
Rose Layton
Clinical Professor ACC 112 Audit and Financial
Thomas Lin
Professor ACC 109 Managerial
Maria Loumioti
Assistant Professor ACC 308C Financial
Shirley Maxey
Clinical Professor ACC 101C Acct Communication
Ken Merchant
Professor HOH 606 Managerial
Patricia Mills
Clinical Professor ACC 232C Taxation
Maria Ogneva
Assistant Professor HOH 819 Financial
Daniel O'Leary
Professor ACC 208 Systems/Controls
Leslie Porter
Clinical Professor ACC 124 Systems/Controls
Smrity Randhawa
Senior Lecturer ACC 210 Financial
Tom Ryan
Professor of the Practice ACC 113 Financial/Valuation
Robert Shames
Assistant Clinical Professor ACC 111 Financial/Managerial
Kendall Simmonds
Clinical Professor ACC 209A Financial
Lori Smith
Assistant Clinical Professor ACC 121A Financial/Auditing
Mark Soliman
Associate Professor HOH 813 Financial
KR Subramanyam
Professor   Financial
Zivia Sweeney
Assistant Clinical Professor ACC 119 Financial/Managerial
Charles Swenson
Professor ACC 107 Taxation
Robert Trezevant
Associate Professor ACC 106 Financial/Taxation
Marshall Vance
Assistant Professor HOH 511 Managerial
Shiing-Wu Wang
Associate Professor ACC 125 Financial
Mark Young
Professor ACC 123 Managerial

Part-time Faculty

Name Email Office  
Kevin Caporicci
Adjunct Professor
caporicc@marshall.usc.eduACC 203 
Diane Comi
Adjunct Professor
comi@marshall.usc.eduACC 232C 
Cynthia Gensler
Adjunct Professor
cgensler@marshall.usc.eduACC 207 
James Gergurich
Adjunct Professor  
Patrick Kinsella
Adjunct Professor
pkinsell@marshall.usc.eduACC 214 
Greg Kling
Adjunct Professor
gkling@marshall.usc.eduACC 214 
Robert Louk
Adjunct Professor
louk@marshall.usc.eduACC 203 
John Owens
Adjunct Professor
johndowe@marshall.usc.eduACC 214 
Robert Roussey
Part Time Lecturer
roussey@marshall.usc.eduACC 113 
Gary Smith
Adjunct Professor
garys@marshall.usc.eduACC 203 
Todd Stein
Adjunct Professor
todds@marshall.usc.eduACC 214 
Adrian Stern
Adjunct Professor
adrianst@marshall.usc.eduACC 107 
Michael Sylvester
Adjunct Professor
mjsylves@marshall.usc.eduACC 214 
Andrew Tinseth
Adjunct Professor
tinseth@marshall.usc.eduACC 214