University of Southern California


Name Email Office Group
Kenneth Ahern
Assistant Professor of FBE BRI-204J Finance
Rahsan Akbulut
Assistant Professor of Clinical FBE ACC-301K Macro/Micro
Nuray Akin
Visiting Assistant Professor of FBE BRI-204L Macro
Ricardo Alonso
Assistant Professor of FBE HOH-615 Micro
Robert Bridges
Assistant Professor of Clinical FBE ACC-301F Real Estate
Duke Bristow
Associate Professor of Clinical FBE ACC-301C Finance
Tyrone Callahan
Professor of Clinical FBE BRI-307A Finance
Odilon Câmara
Assistant Professor of FBE HOH-611 Micro
Tim Campbell
Professor of FBE ACC230A Finance
Daniel Carvalho
Assistant Professor of FBE HOH-515 Finance
Tom Chang
Assistant Professor of FBE HOH-503 Finance/Micro
Baizhu Chen
Professor of Clinical FBE ACC-232D Macro
James Cunningham
Associate Professor of Clinical FBE BRI-204B Finance/Micro/Macro
Harry DeAngelo
Kenneth King Stonier Chair in Business Administration and Professor of FBE ACC-308D Finance
J. Kimball Dietrich
Associate Professor of FBE ACC-301G Finance
Richard Eastin
Associate Professor of FBE ACC-301H Micro
Juan Eberhard
Assistant Professor of FBE On Leave Macro
Wayne Ferson
Ivadelle & Theodore Johnson Professor in Banking and Finance and Professor of FBE HOH-810 Finance
Kerry Fields
Associate Professor of Clinical FBE ACC-232B Business Law
Kevin Fields
Assistant Professor of Clinical FBE BRI-303E Business Law
Cary Frydman
Assistant Professor of FBE BRI-204G Finance
Elizabeth Garrett
USC Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs; Frances R. and John J. Duggan Professor of Law, Finance and Business Economics, Political Science and Public Policy N/A Business Law
Yasushi Hamao
Associate Professor of FBE ACC-301D Finance
Larry Harris
Fred V. Keenan Chair in Finance and Professor of FBE HOH-806 Finance
Gerard Hoberg
Associate Professor of FBE HOH-811 Finance
Fatemeh Ibrahimi Nazarian
Assistant Professor of Clinical FBE BRI-204C Macro/Micro
Ayse Imrohoroglu
Professor of FBE HOH-818 Macro
Selo Imrohoroglu
Professor of FBE HOH-720 Macro
Douglas Joines
Professor of FBE HOH-710 Macro
Christopher Jones
Associate Professor of FBE HOH-722 Finance
Scott Joslin
Assistant Professor of FBE HOH-712 Finance
Suh-Pyng Ku
Professor of Clinical FBE ACC-308E Finance
Lloyd Levitin
Professor of Clinical FBE ACC-301E Finance
Anthony Marino
Department Chair, Professor of FBE HOH-614 Micro
John Matsusaka
Charles F. Sexton Chair in American Enterprise and Professor of FBE HOH-610 Micro/Finance
Michael Michaux
Assistant Professor of FBE HOH-703 Macro
Kevin Murphy
Kenneth L. Trefftzs Chair in Finance and Professor of FBE HOH-812 Finance/Micro
Oguz Ozbas
Associate Professor of FBE On Leave Finance
Gordon Phillips
Charles E. Cook-Community Bank Chair of Finance and Professor of FBE HOH-511 Finance
Julia Plotts
Assistant Professor of Clinical FBE BRI-307E Finance
Aris Protopapadakis
Associate Professor of FBE HOH-721 Macro/Finance
Vincenzo Quadrini
Professor of FBE HOH-715 Macro
Heikki Rantakari
Assistant Professor of FBE On Leave Micro
Lori Santikian
Assistant Professor of FBE HOH-512 Finance
David Solomon
Assistant Professor of FBE HOH-502 Finance
Andreas Stathopoulos
Assistant Professor of FBE HOH-711 Finance
Mick Swartz
Associate Professor of Clinical FBE ACC-301B Finance
Richard Tontz
Adjunct Professor of FBE ACC-232A Micro
Selale Tuzel
Assistant Professor of FBE HOH-717 Finance
Yongxiang Wang
Assistant Professor of FBE HOH-520 Finance
Mark Weinstein
Associate Professor of FBE HOH-713 Finance
Randolph Westerfield
Charles B. Thornton Professor of Finance and Professor of FBE ACC-308F Finance
Yanhui Wu
Assistant Professor of FBE HOH-618 Micro
Fernando Zapatero
Robert G. Kirby Chair in Behavioral Finance and Professor of FBE JKP-200D Finance

Part-time Faculty

Name Email Office  
Scott Abrams
Adjunct Professor
sabrams@marshall.usc.eduBRI 308 
Nimfa Bemis
Adjunct Professor
abarquez@marshall.usc.eduBRI 308 
Lingwen Huang
Adjunct Professor
lingwenh@marshall.usc.eduBRI 308 
Stepphen Moyer
Adjunct Professor
smoyer@marshall.usc.eduBRI 308 
Ethan Penner
Adjunct Professor
epenner@marshall.usc.eduBRI 308 
Steve Silk
Adjunct Professor
ssilk@marshall.usc.eduBRI 308