University of Southern California

Victor Bennett
Assistant Professor of Management and Organization

USC Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0808

PhD, UC-Berkeley; BA, Stanford University


Victor Bennett studies how factors internal to firms, like compensation, delegation, and organizational structure, interact with external factors like market composition, competition, and ability to capture value. His dissertation, "Empirical Essays in Organizational Economics," is a detailed study of the automobile retail industry that finds, among other things, that dealerships are better at capturing lower price deals when sales tasks are distributed serially among salespeople than when salespeople work in parallel. Prior to his doctoral studies, Professor Bennett worked at Google on issues ranging from fraud prevention to book search.


Bennett, V. M., Seamans, R., and Zhu, F. (2014) "Cannibalization and Option Value Effects of Secondary Markets: Evidence from the US Concert Industry," Strategic Management Journal, Forthcoming.
Wiltermuth, S. S., Bennett, V. M., and Lamar, P. (2013) "Doing as They Would Do: How the Perceived Ethical Preferences of Third-Party Beneficiaries Impact Ethical Decision-Making," Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, 122 (2), 280–290.
Bennett, V. M. (2013) "Organization and Bargaining: sales process design at auto dealerships," Management Science, 59 (9), 2003-2018.
Bennett, V. M., Pierce, L., Snyder, J., and Toffel, M. (2013) "Customer-Driven Misconduct: How Competition Corrupts Business Practices," Management Science, 59 (8), 1725-1742.