University of Southern California

Sun Hyun Park
Assistant Professor of Mangement and Organization

USC Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0808

PhD, University of Michigan; MBA, BBA, Seoul National University


Sun Hyun Park's research focuses on how corporate decisions are influenced by top managers' interactions with external constituents, particularly, members of the investment community such as financial analysts and journalists. Drawing on social structural and psychological theories, he explores how coverage by analysts and journalists can lead to social comparisons among top managers, and influence corporate behavior targeted at firm constituents. Professor Park's work has been published in leading management journals including Administrative Science Quarterly. He received a best paper award from the Academy of Management in 2010 and the Strategy Research Foundation Dissertation Scholar Award in 2011.


Does the Investor Community’s Endorsement of CFOs Inhibit Firms’ Long-Term Research Efforts 2014