University of Southern California

Lisa Cavanaugh
Assistant Professor of Marketing

USC Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0808

PhD, BA, Duke University


Lisa Cavanaugh is an expert in consumer psychology who studies how emotions and social relationships influence consumption. Her research addresses how momentary emotions, chronically experienced emotions, and emotional cues in consumer environments shape decisions and behavior. Her research demonstrates how specific emotions (e.g., love, hope, pride, curiosity) predict different behaviors with important consequences for consumers, business, and society (e.g., indulgence, spending, enjoyment, and prosocial consumption behavior). Her publications appear in leading academic journals, including Journal of Marketing Research, Emotion, and Journal of Consumer Psychology. Professor Cavanaugh has provided commentary to media outlets including The Discovery Channel, PBS, NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN and NPR. She has also received several awards including USC's campus-wide Steven B. Sample Outstanding Teaching and Mentoring Award.


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