University of Southern California

K.R. Subramanyam
KPMG Foundation Professor of Accounting, Associate Dean of Marshall PhD Program

USC Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0808

PhD, University of Wisconsin; MBA, Indian Institute of Management - Ahmadabad; BCom, Madras University


K.R. Subramanyam is a prolific and highly cited researcher in financial accounting and auditing who is on the editorial boards of several leading journals. His research has been widely reported in the national and international media and also cited in congressional hearings. He is the recipient of several research awards including the Notable Contribution to the Auditing Literature. Professor Subramanyam teaches financial statement analysis in the MBA program and is an author of a popular text book on the topic. Professor Subramanyam has been actively involved with doctoral students and has placed his students at Stanford and Columbia.


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