University of Southern California

James Owens
Associate Professor of Clinical Management Communication

USC Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0808

MPW, University of Southern California; MBA, Columbia University; BA, Bates College


James J. Owens is an expert in professional management communication. He has published 100+ articles in national and international publications. Professor Owens has appeared on CNN and has interviewed numerous Fortune 500 CEOs. He worked in the UK, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, and Africa for companies including Bain Consulting, Agfa-Gavaert, Coco-Cola, and Louis Vuitton, and consults with corporations on topics ranging from communication to leadership. He is Founder and CEO of The World is Just a Book Away, a non-profit literacy organization. Since 2008, WIJABA has launched programs for 25,000+ children with 40,000+ books through libraries and mobile libraries.


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