University of Southern California

Hailong Cui
Ph.D. student in Data Sciences and Operations

USC Marshall School of Business
Los Angeles, CA 90089-0808

M.S. Statistics; M.S. Computational Biosciences, ASU; B.S. Mathematics, POSTECH


Hailong Cui is interested in a wide spectrum of theoretic and applied problems in operations management. His current research is on sustainability in supply chain management (see papers in CV). He also works on data-driven projects in manufacturing operations and financial services. His masters research focused on information retrieval from a large number of medical literature, and parallel computing for high complexity statistical problems. His undergraduate training was in mathematics and computer science. Prior to joining USC, he worked in risk management with Amex and HSBC. He is a recipient of USC Provost PhD Fellowship for 2013-2015.


Cui, H., and Sosic, G. (2015) "Impact of Recyclability on Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Related Cost,".
Sanjit, G., Daniel, G., Frieda, G., Sosic, G., and Cui, H. (2014) "Allocation of Greenhouse Gas Emissions in Supply Chains,".