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A key to the sports business industry's continued growth and financial success has been the rapid convergence of sports and entertainment, which is increasingly evident in the sports viewing and consuming experience, whether this be at home, while away from home, or in/near-venues.

The USC Marshall Sports Business Institute (SBI) completed a comprehensive analysis detailing how the sports business industry has monetized this convergence, as well as identifying key issues and considerations if it is to continue to profit from sports and entertainment becoming one.

This analysis chronicled how industry stakeholders are monetizing convergence by examining nine key industry segments, namely: TV Content, Video Gaming, Athlete Branding, The Internet, Mobile Technology, Gambling, Sports Anchored Real Estate Development, Venue Technology, and Corporate Branding. The research culminated in the hosting of an offsite retreat on April 29, 2010. Further, this research concluded with Stanford University Press publishing a comprehensive text, entitled, “Money Games: Profiting from the Convergence of Sports and Entertainment” in November, 2010.

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