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USC Sports Business Institute (SBI) Frequently Asked Questions

Does the SBI offer a degree program?

Not at this time. The SBI offers graduate students the opportunity to work on sports business industry projects, research, and planning for special events. Students are also able to take a MBA class on The Business of Sports as an elective.

Is the SBI Internship program open to everyone?

The SBI Internship program is available to Marshall School of Business graduate students. The SBI primarily offers these opportunities to students engaged in the student run Marshall Sports Business Organization (MSBO).

When is the SBI’s next event?

The SBI is constantly updating its website with new information including times and dates for upcoming events. Please continue to check-in to the site to view the latest news or information about an upcoming event. Follow the SBI on Facebook as well for the latest mentions in the news and special event coverage.

How can I get involved?

The SBI utilizes Marshall MBA students and occasionally other graduate students for its projects and research. Joining the MSBO as a MBA student at Marshall will provide numerous opportunities to get involved.

What about undergraduate students?

SBI Executive Director David Carter teaches an undergraduate class on the business of sports. Students may take the course as an elective once they are done with their core classes.

How do I apply to be a part of the SBI?

The SBI does not have an application process.

How can my company enlist the SBI’s help?

The SBI continues to engage companies throughout the sports industry on a number of different issues. If your company has internship or project opportunities, please reach out to SBI Associate Director Courtney Brunious at

For general inquiries, please contact the SBI directly at