University of Southern California


Name Email Office
Helena Yli-Renko
Director, Orfalea Director's Chair in Entrepreneurship, Department Chair BRI-1E
David Belasco
Co-Director and Adjunct Professor BRI-1D
Nandini Rajagopalan
Director of Research, Simonsen Chair in Strategic Entrepreneurship HOH 718
Kathleen Allen
Director, Center for Technology Commercialization BRI-1D
Elizabeth Amini
Entrepreneurship BRI-1
Greg Autry
Entrepreneurship, innovation policy, space ventures BRI-1
Anthony Bailey
Corporate and international entrepreneurship VKC363
Andrea Belz
Technology commercialization; corporate innovation, venture capital BRI-1F
Anthony Borquez
High-tech startups, gaming entrepreneurship BRI-1
Bill Crookston
Emeriti faculty BRI-1
Jeremy Dann
Corporate entrepreneurship and innovation BRI-1
Elissa Grossman
Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial networks, crowdfunding BRI-1C
Christopher J. Harrer
Entrepreneurship BRI-1
Patrick Henry
Entrepreneurship, angel investing BRI-1G
John Hussey
Business acquisitions BRI-1
Tommy Knapp
Entrepreneurship BRI-1
Abby Fifer Mandell
Social Entrepreneurship STO-308
Steven Mednick
Entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship BRI-1H
Gene Miller
Entrepreneurship education, venture capital BRI-1F
Albert Napoli
Family business, entrepreneurship BRI-1C
Michael Napoliello
Entrepreneurship, media, entertainment BRI-1
Ivan Nikkhoo
Raising capital for tech companies, venture investing BRI-1
Paul Orfalea
Entrepreneurial leadership BRI-1
Paul Orlando
Venture Partner, Marshall New Venture Incubator and Adjunct Professor BRI-1
Tom O'Malia
Emeriti faculty BRI-1
Lauren Rinkey
Entrepreneurship BRI-1
Molly Schmid
Entreprenuership, Biotech BRI-1
Fran Seegull
Social entrepreneurship, impact investing BRI-1
Marianne Szymanski
Entrepreneurship BRI-1
Adlai Wertman
Director, Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab, Social entrepreneurship DCC-115
Lori Williams
Entrepreneurship, financial management BRI-1