University of Southern California


Name Email Office
Helena Yli-Renko
Director, Orfalea Director's Chair in Entrepreneurship, Department Chair JFF 511
David Belasco
Executive Director JFF 509
Nandini Rajagopalan
Director of Research, Simonsen Chair in Strategic Entrepreneurship HOH 718
Kathleen Allen
Professor Emeritus, Entrepreneurship JFF 500
Elizabeth Amini
Entrepreneurship JFF 500
Greg Autry
Entrepreneurship, innovation policy, space ventures JFF 510
Anthony Bailey
Corporate and international entrepreneurship VKC363
Anthony Borquez
Technology entrepreneurship JFF 500
William Crookston
Professor Emeritus of Clinical Entrepreneurship JFF 500
Jeremy Dann
Entrepreneurship; Head of Case Initiative JFF 519
Lien Denoo
Postdoctoral Fellow JFF 507
Abby Fifer-Mandell
Social entrepreneurship STO-308
Ben Goldhirsch
Social entrepreneurship JFF 500
Elissa Grossman
Entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial networks, crowdfunding JFF 512
Sherry Gunther Shugerman
Media and entertainment entrepreneurship JFF 500
Chris Harrer
Entrepreneurship JFF 500
Patrick Henry
Entrepreneurship, angel investing JFF 520
Jessica Jackley
Social entrepreneurship JFF 500
Jill Kickul
Clinical entrepreneurship JFF 513
Tommy Knapp
Entrepreneurship JFF 521
Jonathan Lasch
Biomedical engineering JFF 500
Steven Mednick
Entrepreneurship, corporate entrepreneurship JFF 518
Gene Miller
Entrepreneurship, technology commercialization JFF 517
Justin Miller
Technology Commercialization JFF 516
Albert Napoli
Family business, entrepreneurship JFF 522
Michael Napoliello
Entertainment entrepreneurship JFF 500
Ivan Nikkhoo
Venture capital, eCommerce entrepreneurship JFF 500
Tom O'Malia
Professor Emeritus of Clinical Entrepreneurship JFF 500
Paul Orfalea
Entrepreneurial leadership JFF 500
Paul Orlando
Venture Partner, Marshall New Venture Incubator and Adjunct Professor BRI-1
Gregory Sachs
Entrepreneurship in financial services, hedge funds JFF 500
Molly Schmid
Entrereneurship in life sciences, biotech JFF 500
Fran Seegull
Impact investing, social entrepreneurship JFF 500
Marianne Szymanski
Entrepreneurship JFF 500
Noam Wasserman
Clinical entrepreneurship, Founder Central Initiative JFF 514
Peter Weinbach
Private equity, acquisitions JFF 500
Adlai Wertman
Director, Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab, social entrepreneurship DCC-115
Scott Yamano
Entrepreneurship JFF 500
Pai-Ling Yin
Clinical entrepreneurship JFF 515