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CTM's Ongoing Research Activities

CTM's mission is to identify emerging trends and disruptive elements that will shape the future of industry. We leverage the thought leadership of our member companies and the academic rigor of the University to provide independent and objective research insights for the benefit of our member companies. CTM research programs are supported by faculty members at USC's Marshall School of business and are sponsored by a consortium of CTM's member companies. Sponsoring companies actively participate in research design and workshops where they share their views on the results.

Given our academic heritage and our ties to decision-makers in industry-leading corporations, we are devoted to understanding and analyzing the business impact of technology as well as the disruption that occurs when emerging technologies transform the business landscape across multiple industry sectors. Our ongoing programs focus on mobility, digital devices and media, streaming content and other drivers of growth for the digital network, and the future of the filmed entertainment communications businesses.

Most of the reports generated from this work are available only to program sponsors. Please see below for descriptions of CTM's current projects. If you are interested in participating in one of the current initiatives, or if you'd like to submit a request for a new program, please contact the Institute directly at, or by phone at 213.740.0980.

Current Projects

Business and Technology

Technology is used to meet competitive pressures or to reduce operational costs. It is seldom deployed as a strategic tool because it is difficult to predict and validate return on investment metrics. This difficulty is often related to a mismatch between the corporate culture and the technology potential. Our goal is to pierce this veil and provide business guidance that is linked to technology trends. Year one of the program will examine how technology allows new business structures to emerge and cultural business shifts are needed to maximize the potential from these new structures.

Digital Home

The Digital Home Research Program is a year-long research study drawn from a sample of more than 4,000 respondents in the US and 1,500 in Canada. The study builds upon 7 years of research that allows our team to track and understand demand for technology, devices and for the support services that meet consumer needs. Our research focuses on the connected, multi-screen digital home, tracks changes in technology adoption and consumer behavior in digital environments and explores the drivers of adoption of a connected lifestyle.

Future of Media

The Future of media Program analyzes the evolving media consumption and the transformation of business models. In so doing, it allows its sponsors to anticipate important industry changes and to develop actionable strategies to take advantage of the trends and factors analyzed in this work.

In this third iteration, we will pick up where we left off in FOM2 and analyze the drivers of growth for mobile video, starting with the maturation of business models and monetization strategies, consumer pressures for ubiquitous availability and the spectrum upgrades that will be required to enable this growth.

This research is designed to help media, mobile operators and technology companies take advantage of the increased consumption of mobile video by consumers, avoid pitfalls and uncover new opportunities in the form of innovative business models for increased monetization.

Internet of Things: Case Studies in Industry Disruption

The "Internet of Things" is a misnomer for how connected smart products and services will transform industry value chains by re-architecting existing product and technology "stacks" with their corresponding business models. The IoT vision of distributed embedded sensors, processors, storage, software and connected devices communicating through analytics in an intelligent product cloud has the potential to transform product competition from the functionality of a discrete product to the performance of a product system, in which the firm may be just one stakeholder.

This research program will investigate how converting the IoT vision into competitive advantage involves difficult business and technology trade-offs, each reflecting a company's unique circumstances. We will focus on second generation IoT applications that extend beyond asset and customer tracking, to focus on revenue generation from software and services on top of the hardware. We will analyze whether IoT represents an exciting new business opportunity or a risky expansion of business scope.

The Internet of Things project will be linked to the 2015 Digital Home and Future of Media Project Series. It builds upon the work done in How Much Media - a multi-client research program that modeled media consumption and media data flows for 28 media types over the years 2008-2015. Read the Public Report.

Mobile Life

The Mobile Life Research Program continues to examine new and emerging trends impacting the use of technology when people are away from their home. In 2016 CTM will make the survey process device independent in order to capture respondent data from mobile-only individuals. Both these cohorts are growing and traditional surveys often fail to account for these populations. MORE

International Mobile

The International Mobile Program provides a deeper dive examination of the way mobile technology is being adopted by targeted countries on a worldwide basis. Targeted markets will be selected to meet sponsor specified requirements. Topics included in this survey go well beyond penetration to include motivational data, discovery paradigms, application interest, willingness to churn, privacy and quality perceptions, WiFi vs Cellular tradeoffs, business model concerns and service inhibitors.

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