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CTM's Ongoing Research Activities

Smart Phone

CTM's research team conducts a number of ongoing programs focused on mobility, digital devices and media, streaming content and other drivers of growth for the digital network, and the future of the filmed entertainment communications businesses. Each of CTM's research programs is sponsored by a consortium of member companies and the majority of the reports generated from this work is available only to those sponsors. Please see below for descriptions of CTM's current projects. If you are interested in participating in one of the current initiatives, or if you'd like to submit a request for a new program, please contact the Institute directly at, or by phone at 213.740.0980.

Digital Home

The Digital Home Research Program is a year-long research study drawn from a sample of more than 4,000 respondents in the US and 1,500 in Canada. The study focuses on the connected, multi-screen digital home, tracks changes in technology adoption and consumer behavior in digital environments and explores the drivers of adoption of a connected lifestyle. 2014 highlights include behavioral changes in OTT video consumption & cord cutting, perceived quality of device use for various activities, the influence of brand ecosystems on purchasing decisions and motivation to use second screen devices.

Consortium participants: AT&T, Canadian Broadcasting Company, CenturyLink, Cisco, Fox, Intel, Motorola, Ogilvy, PWC, Rogers, Qualcomm, Seagate, Telus, Verizon, Warner Brothers

Methodology: random sample of 5,500 respondents in North America , online data collection, representative on gender, age and race.

Global Mobile

The Global Mobile Research Program is an annual study of mobile phone users that has tracked usage behavior for the past 7 years. This global effort investigates how people value their mobile phones. It includes academic and government organizations from 14 markets in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the US. Nationwide data is collected in several areas including: perceptions of value, motivations and interest, preferences for services and devices, frequency of use for an extensive variety of activities, detailed demographics and contextual factors. MORE

Future of Media

CTM Digital Home Study

Future of Media analyzes the changing media landscape from the points of view of filmed entertainment, telecommunications and technology companies.

The study includes a viewing displacement analysis based on primary research, and a business analysis based on a series of interviews with C-Level executives involved in the future of video offerings at entertainment, telecom and technology companies. Future of media will also explore future industry scenarios that might evolve from watershed media industry events and their economic impact on the industry. Download it here

How Much Media

How Much Media is a multi-client research program tracking media consumption and media data flows for 28 media types over the years 2008-2015. It seeks to answer questions such as: how much media, of what type, is flowing into American homes on what devices in 2013? How have these media flows changed in the last 5 years? What do we expect by 2015?

Summary statistics for television, online video, tablet computers, gaming and social media are included with key considerations (drivers, constraints) behind behavioral changes in consumption.

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