University of Southern California

Archive of Research Publications

Broadbank in Fiji: A Micromarket Case Study - 2013

Pacific Telecommunication Council and Elizabeth Fife

Innovative partnerships? Creating the right conditions for mobile growth in Africa - 2011

Laura Hosman and Elizabeth Fife

The growth of mobile social networking in the US – How far, how fast? - 2011

Andrea Vladar and Elizabeth Fife

Digital Rights Management (DRM): Challenges and Issues in the Emerging Mobile Entertainment Ecosystem - 2004

Elizabeth Fife, PhD, Francis Pereira, PhD and Prof. Chris S. Langdon

The issues relating to DRM are complex, and there have been differing points of view on appropriate revenue models, role of standards, and best practices just to name a few issues, the industry executives tended agree on some but not all issues.

The Worldwide Mobile Internet Study (WMIS): An annual survey of mobile data users in Asian, U.S., and European markets - 2004

Elizabeth Fife

The Diffusion of Mobile - 2003

Elizabeth Fife, PhD and Francis Pereira, PhD

This paper presented at 42nd European Telecommunications Congress Berlin, Germany, Sept 2003

The Internet, IP and New Market Opportunties: A Strategic Analysis - 2000

Elizabeth Fife, Francis Pereira, Mehler M.J., and Rick R. Worthington

Presented at CTM and International Engineering Consortium Chicago.

Meeting Consumer Needs on the Internet:Successful Business Models - 2000

Elizabeth Fife, Ph.D., Francis Pereira, Ph.D

Paper presented to the 39th European Telecommunications Congress Limerick, Ireland 2000

The Internet: Business Efficiencies of Merged Voice and Data Communications - 1999

Francis Pereira, Ph.D.,
Elizabeth Fife, Ph.D.

Paper presented to the 38th European Telecommunications Congress, Utrecht, The Netherlands August 1999

Telemedicine: An Inquiry in the Economic and Social Dynamics of Communications Technologies in the Medical Field - 1997

Francis Pereira, Ph.D., Elizabeth Fife, Ph.D. Candidate,
Antonio A. Schuh

Paper presented Webnet, Toronto, Canada, November 1997