University of Southern California

Board Members

Each sponsor of CTM is entitled to have one representative on our Advisory Board of Directors. The Board meets semi-annually and Board members serve at the request of their company and participate in any and all aspects of CTM's work as their interest and time permit.

At each Board meeting, the members are provided unique industry insights from our CTM research work. The Board also provides a special opportunity to its members to form personal relationships across the entire span of the global Networked Digital Industry.


John Bucher
Senior VP, Strategy

Beau Atwater
Executive Director

Gerald M. Belson
Global Consulting Leader,
Technology, Media
and Telecommunications
Deloitte Consulting LLP

Jack R. Borsting
Professor of Business Administration
& Dean Emeritus
Marshall School of Business
University of Southern California

Deborah Bothun
Board Chair
US Advisory Leader, Entertainment, Media & Communications Practice

Sherri Brown

Sherri Brown
Board Vice Chair
Vice President Networking & Hosting Services Enterprise Infrastructure Services
Disney Worldwide Services, Inc

Ric Clark
CMO Integration Lead and ALU CMO

Board Chair
William "Bill" Davidson, Jr.
General Partner
Frost Data Capital

John DeVine
Global Operations, Senior Vice President

Ibrahim Gedeon
Chief Technology Officer

Michael Gooch-Breault

Michael Gooch-Breault
Director, Consumer Insights at Verizon Communications

Liz Huszarik

Liz Huszarik
Executive Vice President Media Research & Insights
Warner Bros.

James (Jim) Jackson
Senior Vice President, HP Enterprise Group Marketing
Hewlett-Packard Company

Neville Meijers
Vice President, Small Cells
Qualcomm Technologies Inc.

Pieter Poll
Senior Vice President Network Services

Jerry Powers

Jerry Power
Executive Director, Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM) and Assistant Professor of Clinical Marketing, USC Marshall School of Business


Christopher Sambar
Vice President Corporate Strategy
Dave Scalera
Senior Vice President
GM Frito Lay – PepsiCo Foodservice, Distributor Sales

Doug Webster
Vice President Product & Solutions Marketing
Cisco Systems, Inc.