University of Southern California

USC CTM Membership Overview

CTM is an industry-sponsored center within USC's Marshall School of Business. We are devoted to research, education and networking to help companies involved in communications, technology and media grow and prosper.

We invite corporate membership and depend on our members' support for many of our activities. As a member, your company can become involved in CTM's future and engage with the very best minds in the industry. CTM's research programs can give you important insights on the critical questions of how to create and disseminate new technologies and services to your customers. CTM's member companies have exceptional opportunities to network with our industry leaders throughout the year.

Membership Benefits

  • Academic Thought Leadership. Since 1985, our academic thought leadership has provided our expanding roster of members with actionable insights into the future of the industry.
  • Unique Perspective. Our unique focus on the interaction between the user and technology allows us to view the industry as a business, not just a set of technologies, providing invaluable assistance to our members in identifying market opportunities, profitable business models and successful strategies for further growth.
  • Special Access. Each member of CTM gains special access to the resources of the Marshall School of Business, its faculty, and its students in an effort to better understand and to anticipate the changes technology will bring to our business community.


Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions about CTM membership or our ongoing activities. We can be reached at:

Institute for Communication Technology Management
Marshall School of Business 
University of Southern California 
AT&T Building, 29th Floor 
Los Angeles, CA 90015 
Phone: 213-740-0980