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USC CTM Membership Overview

CTM is an industry-sponsored center within USC's Marshall School of Business. We are devoted to research, education and networking to help companies involved in communications, technology and media grow and prosper.

We invite corporate membership and depend on our members' support for many of our activities. As a member, your company can become involved in CTM's future and engage with the very best minds in the industry. CTM's research programs can give you important insights on the critical questions of how to create and disseminate new technologies and services to your customers. CTM's Executive Roundtable is the premier networking event for leaders in the industry. In addition, all of our programs are available at special rates to sponsoring companies. By becoming a member, your company is entitled to have one person serve on CTM's board, which also provides an exceptional networking opportunity with our industry leadership throughout the year. Membership funds are also used to pay for participation in CTM's programs. To learn more about becoming a member, please contact Jay Tucker, at Get connected to the leading information, ideas and people in our dynamic industry.

Membership Benefits

  • Academic Thought Leadership. Since 1985, our academic thought leadership has provided our expanding roster of members with actionable insights into the future of the industry.
  • Unique Perspective. Our unique focus on the interaction between the user and technology allows us to view the industry as a business, not just a set of technologies, providing invaluable assistance to our members in identifying market opportunities, profitable business models and successful strategies for further growth.
  • Strategic Location. Located at the cross-roads of digital content creativity, mobile industry R&D, Silicon Valley entrepreneurialism and leading edge Pacific Rim customers, CTM is the only industry-sponsored institute embedded in a business school at a leading research university that focuses specifically on intersection of technology, communications, and content.
  • Special Access. Each member of CTM gains special access to our executive education, research and networking programs and a chance to interact with Marshall School of Business faculty and students with an interest in the intersection of technology and content.

We offer two levels of corporate support:

  • $35,000 - This standard membership level includes a seat on CTM's Board of Directors and special discounts on our executive education programs and other events.
  • $50,000 or more - This executive membership level includes a seat on CTM's Executive Committee (EC) as well as the Board and additional discounts for our programs and projects.

CTM will provide each member with financial reports twice a year, and will invoice for membership at the end of each year for the following year.

Membership FAQ'S

What is the value in becoming a CTM member?
Since our founding at USC's Marshall School of Business in 1985, CTM has focused on providing insights to our industry sponsors on how to create interactions between users and technology that generate profitable business models. Our mission is to share our thought leadership through education and research programs, facilitated through industry forums, which provide unique perspectives on new business models, applications and future trends. We are devoted to helping our core industries and their customers grow and prosper.
As a CTM member, you and your company can take advantage of the ideas and intellectual resources of the Marshall School of Business, one of the nation's top ranked business schools. Your membership also allows you to recruit graduates for your company who are already well versed in the industry and its challenges.

How do members use the money they have contributed?
Members can use any portion of their membership funds in the course of a year to pay for CTM programs they wish to participate in, except that a portion of each year's membership fees will be used to defray CTM operational costs. All members are entitled to discounts on CTM programs and projects. Funds may be applied toward:

  • Executive forum registration fees, e.g. Executive Roundtable (ERT)
  • Leadership Education at discounted prices from our normal open enrollment fees
  • Industry summits and other events
  • CTM general research programs; multi-sponsored or custom research. Examples include:

    1. Digital Home: Digital Home is a year-long research study carried out jointly by CTM, Magid Research and corporate sponsors. It provides insights into the connected, multi-screen digital home, including key factors for adoption and perceived value of digital devices and services. Digital Home 3 was conducted in March, 2011.

    2. How Much Media (HMM): HMM is a limited participation, collaborative project designed to address content, carrier and industry challenges in understanding future media usage, new media behaviors and new technologies. The media research project will be conducted by USC CTM with UCSD involvement and will be focused on analyzing where consumer media innovation and consumption is headed between now and 2015. Scheduled for August 2011.

    3. US Smartphone: Flagship CTM study that provides exceptional statistical information about mobile users. The 2010 study looks at mobile service use in the US including recent trends in the consumption of communications, information, entertainment and commerce services. Member companies can also add proprietary questions to the survey for an additional fee.

    4. Global Mobile Study (includes results from Brazil, India & China): The International Global Mobile Study represents 6 years of US and International Data, and will identify key trends regarding use and growth of data services on mobile devices. The 2011 study will explore emerging platforms including iPhone and Android, m-commerce and mobile video.

Can funds not used in one year be carried over to the next year?
In order to comply with university budgeting procedures, membership money may not be carried over for programs or products from one year to the next, and any allocation of funds that the member wishes to reserve for a specific program over a longer period of time, must be designated at the time of the membership payment.

What role does a member play on the Board and/or Executive Committee?
All members are entitled to one seat on CTM's Advisory Board of Directors, which meets semi-annually. Those contributing $50,000 or more are also entitled to a seat on the Executive Committee, which meets by conference call in the quarters when the Board does not meet. The Board of Directors meets approximately every six months, convening prior to the start of the Executive Round Table (ERT). Each board meeting provides members an opportunity to learn about the latest activities of CTM. It also includes a presentation on a topic of special interest to our members, which is only shared with Board members. Members also have the opportunity to help shape the future of CTM by providing input into future research projects and other CTM programs. Board participation also provides a unique opportunity to meet and network with other senior executives in the technology and digital content sectors. Members can use any portion of their membership funds in the course of a year to pay for CTM programs they wish to participate in, except that a portion of each year's membership fees will be used to defray CTM operational costs. All members are entitled to discounts on CTM programs and projects.

OTHER QUESTIONS? Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about CTM membership or our ongoing activities. We can be reached at:

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