University of Southern California

Language and Culture Training

East Asian Languages Intensive Summer Institute

The East Asian Languages and Cultures and Linguistics offers the East Asian Languages Intensive Summer Institute (EALISI), which provides two semesters worth of instruction in elementary and intermediate Chinese, Korean, and Japanese, and advanced Chinese and Japanese during two intensive, five-week long summer sessions. These courses are offered in the summer and in the evening in order to make it feasible for non-USC students, as well as business practitioners, to enroll. These intensive EALISI language courses are designed to help students and business persons become more competitive in international business by developing these Asian language capabilities. CIBER funds provide stipends for the instructors.

Cross-Cultural Training for Marshall International Experiential Programs

Marshall School's Experiential Learning Center, will develop interactive computer simulation modules to familiarize students with specific business norms in China, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam, Argentina and Brazil. The simulation modules will also provide students with an online opportunity to practice interacting in these cultures by exposing students to proper ways of interacting with business professionals. These simulation modules will also assess student success in interacting with members of that culture and provide feedback in incorporating the lessons learned. CIBER funds will be used to fund the development of these simulation modules.

Foreign Language Immersion Program for MBA Students, Faculty & Staff

Marshall's International Business Education and Research (IBEAR) MBA Program offers non-credit courses in Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish to MBA students, faculty and staff. The classes is scheduled so as to fit into the MBA academic schedule, with about 75 hours of language instruction (equivalent to two 3-unit courses) that are taught by native speaking professional language instructors on a not-for-credit basis. CIBER funds are used to support faculty instructors.