University of Southern California

CIBER Projects

CIBER's primary mission is to provide material support of the following international education activities in order to improve American economic competitiveness.

The current FY 2010 - 2014 portfolio consists of 39 projects that are initiated and administered by departments ranging from the Marshall School of Business, to various Schools and Departments at USC, including local organizations outside of the university.

Study Abroad and Experimental Learning
PRIME Program and Observer Travel
PM.Globe Program Planning and Observer Travel
Global Social Entrepreneurship and Exploited Labor in Cambodia
Global Public Health Capacity Building in Argentina and Brazil
Global Leadership Program Summer Internships in China
Undergraduate Summer Internships in Indonesia
Global Health & Business: Undergraduate Student Presentation Competition
Sustainability & Business: Undergraduate Student Paper Competition
Undergraduate Tour of Border Factories: Maguiladoras in Tijuana
Experimental Corporate Environment Learning (ExCEL) Program
Interdisciplinary Training
School of Architecture Undergraduate Student Projects in Asia
China Laboratory for School of Education Doctoral Students
Mexico Global Immersion Program in Social Work
China Laboratory in Policy, Planning, and Development
Latin American Laboratory in Policy, Planning, and Development
International Planning Studios
Asia/Pacific Business Outlook Conference Graduate Student Awards
Dissertation Awards for Politics and International relations Graduate Students
International Economic Summit
Center for Advancing Learning of International Studies (CALIS): Case Teaching & TIRP—Comprehensive Expansion
Promoting Sustainable Cities in California and Asia
Asia Pacific Business Outlook (APBO) Conference
"ASIAN BRIEF": On-line Business News
Promoting Sustainable Development in Indonesia
Partnership with Other CIBERs for FDIB Programs
Language and Cultural Training
East Asian Languages Intensive Summer Institute
Cross-Cultural Training for Marshall International Experiential Programs
Foreign Language Immersion Program for MBA Students, Faculty & Staff
Research - International Competitiveness
ABAC Consulting Project
International Business Research Program
Development of Integrated Public Health Systems in Pacific Rim Cities
Climate Change and the Development of Integrated Water Systems
Pacific Economic Outlook Project
Research - International Business Education
Field Studies on Management Control Systems: Research and Case Study on Chinese Firms
Global Health Care Delivery and Human Capital Development International
Role of Information, Communications Technology & Energy Sustainability
International Business Case Development Program
International Dissertation Awards for Doctoral Business Students