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Real-Time Optimization of Personalized Assortments

By Negin Golrezai, Hamid Nazerzadeh,  and Paat Rusmevichientong, Marshall School of Business

Supply Chain Tech and Evolution Talks

The rapid evolution of technology over the past several decades has had a profound impact on our generation. Cell phones have evolved into handheld computers;  television sets have become home computers.

Optimization Squared: The Future of Supply Chain Leadership Lies in Tightly Merging and Optimizing the Warehouse and Transportation Functions

Over the past few years, agility has become one of the few mantras of supply chain leadership. The economic downturn taught us that in order to succeed, companies must focus on speed, sustainability and adaptability, while also performing at a high level and keeping costs low.

Interview with Michael Cherney of Load Delivered Logistics

Michael Cherney is Director of West Coast Operations at Load Delivered Logistics, a fast-growing third-party logistics provider that provides truckload transportation services to supply chains of all sizes.

Apple and Ethical Sourcing… Who pays?

A few weeks ago, Apple released their quarterly smelter list. This document attempts to provide an accounting of all the smelters in Apple’s supply chain.

Supply Chain Challenges for Automotive Growth in Mexico

Today’s post is authored by Mike Nelson. Mike has been involved in the automotive industry for over 40 years. He recently retired after his 19th year at Toyota, where he had responsibility for all Rail Contracts, Strategy and Operations for Toyota Logistics Services, Inc.

Risk Pooling, Late Customization and Product Commonality

This guest post is one of a series on risk pooling and its implications. It was authored by Professor Hiroshi Ochiumi, Assistant Professor of Clinical Data Sciences and Operations at USC. Read more about Professor Ochiumi.

Supply Chain Talent Gap Big Opportunity for Trained Professionals

In an article in Supply Chain Management Review, Kusumal Ruamsook and Christopher Craighead of Penn State predict some big changes in the supply chain talent market. In a nutshell, Ruamsook and Craighead see four supply chain trends coming together to create a talent crunch in the near future:

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