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"Lean Excellence in Higher Education" a must read article!!


By Nick Vyas and Dr. Mary Campbell





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Student Corner: MS.GSCM Students Compete in Case Competition

MS.GSCM’S Team: Bharadwaj Jayaraman, Gregory Koss, Andrea Adarmes, and Sue Dukesherer(from left)


By Andrea Adarmes



3D printing, big data can alter supply chain industry


Infosys ties up with US varsity to study changes

Port Labor Dispute Costing California


Katie Orr

Friday, February 13, 2015 | Sacramento, CA


The labor dispute between West Coast ports and the longshormen’s union is having an effect on the California economy. Nick Vyas directs the Center for Global Supply Chain

 Management at the University of Southern California.

On Shelf Availability: Retail’s Ongoing Challeng


By Jim Prewitt


Class of 2015




“Robotic Brain ‘Learns” Skills from the Internet,” BBC News 26 August 2014:

OVERALL: this article is fairly neutral, providing straightforward information on the project.


Coffee Rivalry: Starbucks v. Juan Valdez

With the July opening of a Starbucks flagship in Bogota, Colombia—followed soon after by the arrival of a Juan Valdez outpost in Miami—news outlets began buzzing about an international “rivalry” in the coffee world. Corporate giant Starbucks, on the one hand, has built its location as a joint venture with Latin American based companies Alsea and Colcaffe. Juan Valdez, meanwhile, is backed by the Colombian Coffee Growers’ Association (Procafecol).