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Center for Effective Organizations (CEO):

Since its founding in 1979, the Center for Effective Organizations (CEO) has conducted cutting-edge research on a broad range of organizational effectiveness issues. The leading university-based action-research center, CEO, has conducted research that influences how organizations are managed while also making important contributions to academic research and theory from its inception. The Center for Effective Organization's pioneering research in the areas of organizational design and effectiveness has earned it an international reputation for research that bridges the gap between academic theory and management practice.

Center for Global Innovation:

Innovation - the use of new technology to create new products and services - is crucial to the welfare of consumers, the success of firms, and the wealth of nations. The Center for Global Innovation researches the causes and effects of innovation of firms and consumers across nations over time. Research from the center helps the education of students and managers on the importance of and the means to commercialize radical innovations. The center also helps select firms commercialize radical innovations through direct consulting and student projects.

Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER):

Established in 1990, the Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER) is one of 31 national centers supported by the U.S. Department of Education. Supported by the Department of Education and the Marshall School of Business, the Center has supported the implementation of about 150 curricular and research projects at USC to serve faculty, students, and the business community. The Center's mission is to broaden and deepen USC's contributions to the international competitiveness of American firms.

Center for Investment Studies (CIS):

The Center for Investment Studies fosters learning and cutting edge research on investments and the underlying workings of financial markets. The Center provides a forum for experiential student learning, access to industry experts, and resources and funds for academic scholarship on critical investment related topics. The Center strives to produce graduates equipped with the necessary financial analytical skills required for succeeding in global commerce and to support research that has critical real world impact.

Center for Management Communication (CMC):

Our goal is to prepare present and future business leaders to manage the communication demands of a highly competitive, rapidly changing global marketplace. To that end, we strive to equip our students with the communicative skills that will enable them to compete successfully in the business environment of the 21st century. We develop competence and expertise in oral presentations, business writing, interpersonal interaction and group processes -- areas of external and internal organizational communication where mastery is essential for managerial success.

Center for Technology Commercialization (CTC):

Since its founding in 1997, the Center for Technology Commercialization has provided a pathway for researchers from invention to commercial products through education, resources, and networking. CTC prepares students to team with scientists and engineers to create new technology ventures. The Certificate in Technology Commercialization supports knowledge on such critical commercialization issues as intellectual property, business feasibility analysis, business plan development, start-up financing, management team acquisition, and related issues. The CTC web site provides a community portal and clearinghouse for information on technology commercialization.

Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM):

The Center is devoted to research and education to help the networked digital industry and its customers grow and prosper. CTM's focus on telecom as a business, not just a set of technologies, makes it a unique resource, and this focus has been the Center's central theme since its founding in 1985. Today, CTM is recognized as having the highest quality for middle and senior management, whose lessons are presented by the best minds in the industry. CTM's research programs provide insights into the critical questionof how to link customer needs and technology.

Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies:

The Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies is among the nation's leaders in entrepreneurship education and research. Its faculty - a diverse mix of academics and entrepreneur practitioners - together offer undergraduate and graduate programs designed to help students acquire the tools, develop the skills, and cultivate the mindset central to organizing, launching, and managing successful new ventures. The Greif Center has been labeled 'one of the best entrepreneurship programs' Business Week and has been ranked among the best by U.S. News and World Report.

Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab:

The Brittingham Social Enterprise Lab is housed within the Marshall School of Business at USC. As a lab, we focus on bringing business resources to bear on global community needs. In addition to creating innovative models for changing the world, we also provide programs to train the next generation of socially responsible business leaders and social entrepreneurs.

Sports Business Institute:

The University of Southern California and the Marshall School of Business announced the formation of the Sports Business Institute in October, 2005 The Sports Business Institute is dedicated to understanding and furthering the rapidly growing sports business industry on a global basis, and does so by leveraging extraordinary academic and professional experiences.

The Global Branding Center:

The Global Branding Center aims to develop, execute and disseminate path-breaking global branding research on traditional and entertainment brands. The center serves the needs of practicing marketers by developing innovative and cost-efficient branding solutions on cutting edge-strategic topics related to brand growth, brand attachment, brand hierarchies, brand fortification and equity maximization, brand and line extensions, brand equity measurement and brand alliances and co-branding efforts.

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