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Professor Carter Makes a Wish
David M. Carter is the Executive Director of the Sports Business Institute and Professor of Sports Business at Marshall School of Business. His recent book, Money Games: Profiting from the Convergence of Sports and Entertainment is a must-read for professionals and future leaders of the sports and entertainment industries. So, when Professor Carter recently expressed a desire to meet Larry Baer, President of the San Francisco Giants, and explore insights about the organization, Marshall Partners put the word out to our network. Why miss an opportunity to mix a little sports, business, and entertainment?
Leveraging our network, a group of Marshall Partners soon found themselves at AT&T Park, home of the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants. AT&T Park, in beautiful downtown San Francisco, is the first privately financed ballpark in Major League Baseball since 1962. The Partners and their families were about to hear the business backstory of how building the park helped strengthen the ball club's community, and ensured the Giants would remain in San Francisco.
Left to Right: USC Marshall Dean Jim Ellis, Larry Baer, President, San Francisco Giants, and Professor David Carter, Executive Director, USC Marshall Sports Business Institute.
Giants' management hosted Marshall Partners for cocktails and conversation. Dean Ellis, center background, kicks off discussion of the evolution the Giant's business.
Professor David Carter (r), interviews Larry Baer, President, San Francisco Giants. Carter's questions explore the convergence of sports and entertainment in baseball.
Larry Baer, President, San Francisco Giants, shares the story of getting the stadium built, and how the process strengthened the San Francisco community and the business of the Giants. A classic win-win.
Marshall Partners: The Jenson Family (left to right), Warren, daughter Kelsey, family friend, and Elizabeth.
Marshall Partners: Debbie Martial and son Jason.
Marshall Partners: The Morris Family, Jeffrey, Missy, and son Erik Morris.