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Marshall Partners On Location

Fox Studios Entry on West Pico in Century City, location of the first Marshall Partners Signature Event of the year. The studio opened its production facilities here in 1928 on prime land which used to be the personal ranch of Western movie star, Tom Mix. (Who apparently knew something about location.)

Red Carpet Arrival

Fun was on the agenda, including a red carpet arrival. Here are Christopher Harrer and Tiffany Brown being photographed by Anne Johnston, WLA Board member, on the  left.  Chris, MBA ‘96, MSBA ’00 is Marshall Partners Past Chairman; President and CEO, United Document Storage, LLC.

Historic Stage

The Stages 1 & 2 building was built at the founding of the studio lot in 1928. The building houses the Newman Scoring Stage, where David Newman’s father Alfred Newman worked his magic from 1940 to 1961 as the studio’s Music Director. The elder Newman won nine Academy Awards, more than any other composer. He was nominated 45 times, making him the second most nominated person in the history of the Academy Award, second only to Walt Disney, and tied with composer John Williams. David Newman conducted and recorded many of the scores for his movies on the Newman Scoring Stage, including the score for his Academy Award nominated film, Anastasia.

Dusk, Cocktails and Conversation

The Pool Courtyard: Marshall Partners and guests discover an idyllic location for mixing it up before touring the Newman Scoring Stage.

Cabernet Extraordinaire!

Ron Kuhn, BS, Leventhal ‘69, and his wife Teri, Proprietor and Proprietress/Vintners of Pillar Rock winery. The Kuhns hosted a tasting of their world-class Cabernet Sauvignon. Superb! Pillar Rock is located in the Stags Leap District of Napa Valley and is known for its extraordinary vines, part of the secret ingredient in Robert Mondavi’s famous Opus One vintages.

Sangiovese Supremo!

Jamie Kuntz, Assistant Winemaker, poured a Stewarts’ Vineyard Sangiovese that would make Italian winemakers envious. Stewarts’ Vineyard , located in Yorba Linda, California, is owned by Marshall Partners members Michael Schlinger, MBA ’76, and Jeffrey Stallings, BA ’91.

Newman Scoring Stage

The Newman Scoring Stage is renowned as on of the most important landmarks of the motion picture industry. Since its first use as a scoring stage in 1936, the room has been the birthplace of some of the most memorable film music ever recorded. “From landmark sessions with Julie Andrews recording the classic songs from The Sound of Music and Marilyn Monroe’s performance of “Heat Wave,” to recent sessions for such films as The Matrix, Austin Powers:The Spy Who Shagged Me and Planet of the Apes, the Newman Scoring Stage has maintained a tradition and standard in the world of Hollywood film scoring that has had a lasting influence on the art of the motion picture.”  —John Burke

Newman Scoring Stage Tour

Tom Steel, right, Newman Scoring Stage Manager, captivates Marshall Partners and guests with a conversation about the history and business practices of the stage.

Newman Scoring Stage Tour: Control Room

Denis St. Amand, right, Newman Scoring Stage Assistant Chief Engineer, tells control room stories. One day, while Barbra Streisand was on the stage recording an old John Williams song, who should walk in unexpectedly but John Williams and Steven Spielberg. John Williams was delighted and proceeded to help direct the session.  Marshall Partners (left to right), Arthur Cohen,  Kari Schott, Marnie Duda, Anne Johnston, and Scott Hodgkins, rear. 

Newman Scoring Stage Tour: God’s Mixing Board

Audio geek heaven: The analog board in the control room of the stage can mix 192 tracks to a digital recording system. It is one of only four like it in the world. The old stage continues to define the state of the art in recording film music.

Newman Scoring Stage Tour: Hands On

One can pretend, right? Marshall Partners and guests, play at God’s mixing board.

Newman Scoring Stage Tour

Right to left: Michael McKeever, MBA ‘98, with composer and brother, Jim McKeever.

David Newman Talks the Family Business

David Newman, USC Thorton School grad, and member of the most famous family in film music, shares his innermost thoughts about the business of bringing feature films to life through music. After scoring 115 movies, his insights come from a position of mastery. What can the collaboration between composer, who speaks in notes and sound, and director, who speaks in pictures and narrative, teach us about communication, collaboration, and innovation in the larger world of business? The composer shows examples of his work and shares his secret of working with directors: Never talk about music. Always talk about the narrative issues of the film.

Inspired Networking

Left to right: David Newman chats it up with Kari Schott and Marnie Duda, both Marshall Partners.

Inspired Networking
Left to right: Mark McKinley, BS ‘69, first Marshall Partners Chairman, Dean James G. Ellis, and Dann Angeloff, BS ‘58, Founding Chairman Marshall Partners.
Inspired Networking
Ray Bustamante, South Bay/Long Beach Marshall Partner Regional Chair and guest Ellen LaSpalluto.
Inspired Networking
Right to Left: The festive and informative evening was made possible by Dean Hallett, BS ’80, Executive Vice President, Operations Strategy, and Chief Financial Officer for Fox Filmed Entertainment. Mr. Hallett is Marshall Partners’ Vice-Chairman, and a member of Marshall’s Corporate Advisory Board. Next to Dean, Scott Gilmore, Ramona Cappello, BS ‘81 and West Los Angeles Regional Chair, and Ray Bustamante, South Bay/Long Beach Regional Chair.
Inspired Networking
Dean Hallett, Vice Chairman, Marshall Partners, speaks with Phil Pfirrmann, Marshall Partner.
Inspired Networking
Left to right: Marshall Partners Cookie Lee, Bill Tsai, and Lisa Machii.
Red Carpet Arrivals
Left to right: Jonathan Michaels, Orange County Regional Chair and wife, Mary Michaels.
Red Carpet Arrivals
Left to right: Jimmy Slusher and friends Anna Rubely and sister, Thea Rubely. The Rubely sisters are recent graduates of the USC School of Theater.
Red Carpet Arrivals
Ravi and Rashida Ramakrishnan, Marshall Partners from the Bay Area
Red Carpet Arrivals
Greg Melnyck, Dann Angeleoff, and Mike McKeever
Red Carpet Arrivals
Cookie Lee and husband, John Lin
Red Carpet Arrivals
Frances Chou and Marshall Partner, Aaron Schechter
Red Carpet Arrivals
Arthur Cohen and Paul Gurrola
Cupcake Goodbye
Sweets for the road: Marshall-branded confections.