University of Southern California

USC Marshall Alumni Association
Executive Board 2011-2012

Executive Committee

  • Tommy Papa, MBA '00 (MBA.PM), Chairman [email]
  • Vance Thompson, BS '88 (BUS), OC Chapter President Emeritus [email]
  • Scott S. Wingate, MBA '99 (MBA.PM), Chairman Emeritus [email]

Regional Chapter Presidents [chapter websites]

Members at Large -- Strategic Champion Advisor Roles

  • William CdeBaca, BS '90 (ACCT), South Carolina [email]
  • Mimi Cheng, MBA '05 (MBA.PM) [email]
  • John Fanaris, BS '90 (BUS) [email]
  • Taymor Kamrany, MBA ’05 (IBEAR MBA) [email]
  • Doug Richards, MBA '95 (MBA.PM) [email]
  • Marc Serrio, BS '81 (BUS), MBA '85 (MBA FT) [email]
  • Matt Weeks, MBA '86 (MBA FT), SF Bay Area Chapter President Emeritus [email]

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