University of Southern California

A Good Good-Bye
May 17, 2013 • by Daniella Fischel

I’ve just finished taking my last final. It’s done. Four years at USC. By the time you read this, I will have walked across the stage of the Galen Center as a graduate of the USC Marshall School of Business. I’m sad to be leaving, but ready to start a new chapter. Let’s call it a good good-bye.

One thing I learned at Marshall is that if you want to keep something great, you have to continue to invest in it. I feel extremely grateful that Marshall decided to "invest" in me. A Presidential scholarship, combined with the Business and Cinema Program (BCA) drew me to USC, and looking back at my four years here, I can't imagine a better choice.

Among my peers, the "Trojan family spirit" has always been apparent, especially when going through job recruiting. After I attended an investment banking panel organized through Marshall, I knew that was what I wanted to pursue. The seniors at the Trojan Investing Society, a student group in Marshall, helped me prep for interviews which were only a few months away. Their mentorship ensured I got the guidance I needed to land an internship. More amazing was that we juniors, essentially competing for the same spots, studied together and supported each other throughout the entire process.

That summer while in training for my internship, everyone else discussed how cut-throat and competitive the students at their schools were during the interview process. I smiled to myself, thankful for going to a school where people are driven, motivated, and self- confident enough they don't need to bring others down to succeed. They actually want others to succeed with them. It is with this mindset I enter the workforce, excited to join J.P. Morgan full time after graduation.

I have been happy to pass this along, mentoring juniors this year and interviewing kids coming to USC with the same Presidential Scholarship I enjoyed. To show my deep appreciation, I also donated part of my signing bonus with J.P. Morgan to the School and joined Marshall Partners. Our membership fees fund scholarships, international study, and inspiring professors—all for Marshall students. Everything I’ve given back was something that had been given to me first.

These are some of the many reasons why USC is so unique and I feel forever grateful for my experience. I am sad to be leaving all the wonderful memories behind, but the same school that provided those memories also prepared me to be ready for the next chapter in my life. Please join me in congratulating all the graduates today, and in supporting the school that has given us so much. We are members of the Trojan family forever.

Fight On!
Daniella Fischel
USC Marshall School of Business, Class of 2013
As of this morning!