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Technology and Pedagogy: The New Hot Couple
November 30, 2012 • by Sandra Chrystal

USC Marshall School of Business is launching the most fantastic initiative in the 14 years I’ve been here. It is an online graduate degree program, and I have the honor of serving as Vice Dean at this point in history, building a team of seven people to oversee its delivery.

As is the case with many things at Marshall, this project began by looking at the future. We always want to be at the cutting edge of innovation, not playing catch up. We are living in a tremendously exciting moment in the world of education: technology and pedagogy have come together. And Marshall is poised to become the best in the academy in this new frontier of learning.

Let me explain what I mean: the tremendous popularity of online classes of many sorts lets us know that there is a huge global audience hungry for education. Some programs offer asynchronous instruction. That is, they do not occur live, but rather students watch recorded lectures by all-star professors and then interact with TAs (teaching assistants) and fellow students.

We at Marshall, however, decided to offer the best, cutting-edge, online educational opportunity we could. Although we offer video lectures as a part of the “flipped class” model, we emphasize synchronous, online education. Classes will take place in group web meetings, in which students log in from all over the world to share in live discussions with professors. For example, a contractor in Alabama who wants to improve his life and business can earn a Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management or a professional MBA without leaving his home or family. He can be in a virtual room with one of our superb Marshall professors, and be joined there by a doctor in Albert Lea, a secretary in Alberta and an entrepreneur in Albania.

If you believe education should support global learning, then this program deserves your support.

We will launch our online Master of Business Taxation and Global Supply Chain Management in 2013, and the MBA.PM program will follow soon after. These will be programs of the highest quality, taught by faculty members of the USC Leventhal School of Accounting and USC Marshall School of Business. We took the necessary time and effort to build an exceptional team to plan every facet of the program. To do that required the support of many people, from USC President C. L. Max Nikias, to the Deans of the Marshall and Leventhal Schools – to you. Your support can open doors of knowledge to people around the world. Your contribution can help launch us deeper into a global pathway of learning. It’s an exciting moment for Marshall, and I hope you will join us.

Fight On!
Sandra Chrystal
Vice Dean for Online and Executive Education
Chief Information Officer
USC Marshall School of Business