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Leaders for the Real World
February 10, 2012 • by Scott Gilmore

As Chairman of Marshall Partners, I keep having the same experience over and over. I meet a significant business leader, a man or woman who heads one of America's most successful companies but didn't attend USC - and they tell me how happy they are that their children want to go to Marshall.

A CEO went to Cal - he's thrilled his son is applying to USC Marshall. A Silicon Valley CFO is excited her daughter is going to Marshall. And on and on it goes.

What is Jim Ellis doing right? A lot, in my book. But one thing I hear from these men and women is that the Marshall School of Business teaches what the 21st century business world needs most: How to lead. And how to do it ethically.

Creating business leaders for the real world is what Marshall does extremely well. Real-world business leaders understand that and will turn to Marshall alums before other schools. Two of my four children are Marshall alums, and they were both offered jobs immediately upon graduation. I'm not bragging, just pointing out some verifiable data from my own household.

How can we keep this trend going? I think the Dean's Exploratory Fund is key. We at Marshall Partners support this fund because it allows Jim to make strategic moves on a dime when he needs to. When a student walks into his office with a plan to execute an idea in Shanghai or Ecuador, Jim can fund that because of us. When a brilliant professor is available to teach, Jim can hire that person. Think of Marshall Partners as Jim's angel investors. We give him the chance to lead. And that is what 21st century business is all about.

I hope you'll join us in supporting the Marshall School of Business and the Leventhal School of Accounting. It's where today's leaders turn to for tomorrow's innovators.

Fight On!
Scott Gilmore, BS ’75, JD/MBA ‘78
Chairman, Marshall Partners