University of Southern California

The Infinite And Permeable Future
April 15, 2011 • by Frankie Bennett

USC Marshall School of Business has expanded the boundaries of my future. Last year, Marshall's ExCEL took me to Bangkok, Thailand to meet companies on the ground there. The year before, the LINC program sent me to Chile for a week. By touching and feeling the international marketplace, these trips have kindled my passion for finding new and innovative ways to bring value to people's lives.

Marshall brought me resources and extraordinary support from its faculty, and literally, expanded my world. Our globe is starting to shrink at an exponential rate. There are so many new global resources markets with human capital that are being opened up for the first time and which can be connected in new and innovative ways. Thanks to my first three years at Marshall, I now know I'd like to live abroad after I graduate and continue to challenge and push myself.

I want to continue to explore a key question: How can you/I/we deliver value? The only way to be successful is if people buy from you, and the only way people will buy from you is to offer them a product or service that makes their lives better. It's like being a quarterback on a football field: You don't focus on where the wide receiver is now, but on where he is going so you can deliver the ball there and hit him in stride. That's how you have to view the market. You have to understand each different global market really well, learning its unique tastes, fears, and demands that create an unfulfilled desire. And then set yourself up to fill that white space with a product that adds value.

The Marshall School of Business is doing the same thing for its students: Our faculty, staff, and leadership look to the future, see where it is headed and deliver us an education that prepares us to hit the future in stride. The opportunities and challenges that face students like me are infinite and permeable. There are synergies that can be created that hitherto have not existed because we haven't had the infrastructure. Now those possibilities are becoming real, and Marshall is preparing us to lead the world into them.

I believe in USC Marshall's School of Business and its power to positively influence the lives of its students, who then influence society around the world. Your gift won't stop giving this year; it will extend on into that infinite and permeable future, and continue to grow for all of our benefit.

Thank you for supporting the school that makes all of our future brighter,

Frankie Bennett
USC Marshall School of Business, Class of 2012