University of Southern California

Can You Feel The Humming?
August 24, 2011 • by Kim West

Walking to my car one night last week, I relished all of the "happenings" between here and Parking Structure D: Frisbee games, RAs conducting floor meetings on the lawn, signs for FREE PIZZA if you came to a welcome reception in New North – and the list goes on. A part of me longed for my Residence Life days and as I thought back to my first few days in college, I was a little jealous! Jealous of the excitement of being a freshman, of the opportunities that will be explored over the next four years, of the residence hall staff who get to work so closely and personally with these students.

I was reminded how much I love the "humming" of a college campus when our students are here. I love the "newness" of freshman, the upper-class students who are stopping by after a summer of travel and great internships, and the buzz in the hallway that has been absent since May. While I am still mourning the speed at which summer passed, I am a sucker for this time of year. It reminds me that we work for a strong and vibrant university and have the great opportunity of working with and learning from the Marshall undergraduates. I can't imagine having done anything different in my career.

I am also reminded of the wonderful colleagues I have, and how fortunate our students are to have faculty and staff who truly care about them. As I welcome new parents to USC, I can assure them the people here care deeply about their kids and work hard every day to help them.

Another year is here and we will surely be talking about how fast it went when May 2012 arrives. As we move through the busy weeks and months ahead, I hope we all take time to stop periodically and reflect on the opportunity we have been given: the chance to contribute to the continued rise of USC in the world of higher education and to be a part of the Trojan family. Because when you support USC and the Marshall School of Business, you become part of those "happenings" that spread out between where I sit and Parking Structure D. Please give today to the Marshall School of Business. Your support makes that glorious "humming" possible.

Fight On!

Kim D. West, PhD
Associate Dean
Undergraduate Program