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You Don't Write, You Don't Call
November 22, 2010 • by Christopher J. Harrer

Dear Friends of Marshall:

When a fellow alum tells me, "I haven't heard from USC Marshall/Leventhal in a long time," that's painful. It usually means the person has moved, a phone number got changed, or an e-mail address was lost in the shuffle. As an entrepreneur, business owner, faculty member, supporter, and former Chairman of the Marshall Alumni Association and current Chairman of Marshall Partners, I have experienced firsthand the value of a close connection to the Marshall Family. Almost every deal I've done includes a Trojan somewhere along the way. The Trojan network doesn't disband after graduation; it gets stronger. We stick together, support each other, and help graduates find avenues to success. We also give back to the school that launched us.

USC Marshall is working hard to keep us all connected. In the coming weeks, we're going to contact every alum in our database to gather or confirm accurate contact information for a new USC Marshall School of Business and USC Leventhal School of Accounting Directory of Alumni and Marshall Partners.

Please respond the moment you receive a postcard or email from PCI, our directory partner. When you take a couple of minutes to update your information, you'll be doing yourself a favor. Fellow Trojans around the world want to stay connected with you and I know you want to keep track of your friends and strengthen your network. If you know an alum who has moved or needs to be reconnected for any reason, ask them to contact the Office of External Relations at 213 740-0038 or email with their current contact information.

Marshall is committed to keeping our alumni linked together. You are a critical part of a vital network of over 77,000 members across more than 100 countries. When we don't hear from you, we get worried. Stay connected. After all, we're family…we care.

Fight On!

Christopher J. Harrer, M.B.A. '96, M.S.B.A. '00
Chairman, USC Marshall Partners
Chairman Emeritus, USC Marshall Alumni Association

P.S. After you have confirmed your contact information, won't you think about getting involved? If you are interested please contact us at