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My Father Never Had a Birthday Party
October 1, 2010 • by Lisa Goldman

Dear Friends of Marshall:

It's true. When my father was a child in Scranton, Pennsylvania, he never had a birthday party. Instead, his mother would take him to the orphanage and hold a party there. It was an opportunity to share with others.

That is the philosophy of giving that I was fortunate enough to grow up with. My family has always believed that the human spirit is worth nurturing--that people less-advantaged than ourselves are worthy of the same level of love we give our friends. My husband and I have tried to carry on this tradition by supporting causes that help those most at risk and also supporting the lifeblood of all of our futures: educational institutions like USC.

I grew up in the San Francisco area and from childhood on - I'm not quite sure why -- I wanted to go to USC. My dream came true and I graduated from USC with a major in Communication. I returned to San Francisco, worked as Director of Communications for a major bank, and my husband and I started our wonderful family. Now my daughter is a Trojan, too, studying accounting, having a wonderful experience, and I want to give back to the school that has meant so much to me.

Being a Trojan in the Bay Area might seem like a challenge. What I've discovered is that we are not alone - there are USC graduates throughout Northern California. We just have to find each other. To support the USC Marshall School of Business, and to connect Trojans in the Bay Area, my husband and I are hosting a fundraiser on October 7th. Dean Ellis and Athletic Director Pat Haden will be there, and I hope you will be able to join us, too.

But wherever you are living, I encourage you to consider supporting the USC Marshall School of Business. Marshall develops business leaders with a vision and a heart. Like celebrating a birthday with those that never get a party, you will find deep satisfaction in giving to a school that helps its students through scholarships, and through tough times, then sends them out in the world ready to lead.

Fight On!

Lisa Goldman, BA '78