University of Southern California

Jane Popovich: We Are Still Breaking Ground
March 19, 2010 • by Jane Hoffman Popovich

Dear Friends of Marshall:

A decade ago, when I held the shovel that broke ground for Popovich Hall, I looked around and marveled at the growth of USC since I had been a student here. The university had become an academic powerhouse and the USC Marshall School of Business was producing leaders that guided Los Angeles. That’s significant. Among the top 20 national economies in the world, Los Angeles County ranks at number 17. And our graduates have made this a USC town. USC Marshall alumni are key players in Southern California; USC Marshall faculty members consult for our businesses; USC Marshall is growing the next generation of leaders of this economic powerhouse.

My father, Les Hoffman, understood the relationship between a strong USC and a strong Los Angeles. When he was invited to join the USC board, he was also invited to be a member of the board of another prominent private California school from a much damper climate. He declined that invitation and accepted the offer to become part of the Trojan family because he strongly believed that the business leaders of Los Angeles should give back to the community that supported them. It was my father’s dream that USC would become the outstanding academic and research institution that it is today.

Today, as my husband Kris and I walk the USC campus, we are thrilled to see Popovich Hall -- not because our name is on the building but because students love the learning environment and faculty enjoy teaching in the state-of-the-art facility. I treasure supporting the outstanding students at USC Marshall. They are smart, generous, and come to Marshall ready to learn. They leave it ready to become global leaders.

I think that every day we’re breaking new ground at USC Marshall. We’re planting the seeds for our community’s leaders and for leaders of our world. When you help grow those new shoots of life here at Marshall, you’re helping your own community. I hope you will join me in supporting an invaluable asset: The future leaders of the world’s 17th largest economy -- the students at USC Marshall.

Fight On!

Jane Hoffman Popovich