University of Southern California

Got Batteries?
September 3, 2010 • by James G. Ellis

Dear Friends of Marshall:

Do you have enough battery power? That crucial question confronts each student on the first day of college. Yes, students need energy, but there is a more profound meaning here. Parents have supplied emotional and intellectual energy to their children for the first 18 years of their lives. Now these college students are launched independently, and they need to look inside to find their own batteries; the energy, inspiration, and renewal that will power them through college.

Here at the USC Marshall School of Business, our incoming students will find help in discovering their inner drive and resources. We have recently hired a group of significant thought leaders, with 18 new faculty members arriving this fall from America's leading institutions. They join a corps of outstanding teacher-scholars who are committed to fostering growth in each of our students. USC's 11th President, Max Nikias, assumed leadership earlier this month, and we look forward to celebrating this journey in his inauguration ceremonies this October. President Nikias' commitment to academic excellence is prodigious and the entire USC family will assist in guiding each student through a journey of self-discovery. We have spent a lot of time preparing for a new school year, setting in place as many new experiential learning vehicles as possible. To put it another way: A university cannot duplicate the energy of a parent, but we can help students get in touch with their inner power source.

The students walking on to the USC campus this fall have the full support of our world-class faculty and outstanding staff, and they need your support, too. The shared goal of Marshall's faculty, staff, and community is to make this the best business school in the country. To do that, we need everyone's help. No time given to Marshall is too short, and no amount contributed is too small. We cannot do this without you.

The faculty and staff of USC Marshall look forward to helping power our students through another outstanding year, full of change, challenge and much opportunity. Thank you for your support as we begin the journey of another year of promise.

Fight On!
James G. Ellis, Dean