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The Disruption Continues
October 15, 2010 • by Lucy Hood

Dear Friends of Marshall:

Twenty-five years ago the cell phone barely existed. Today there are over five billion. Twenty-five years ago texting had yet to be invented. Today billions of people text every day and hundreds of millions of text votes were cast for the winner of American Idol on Fox. I know, because we were cited in the Guinness Book of World Records when I led this technological breakthrough at Fox.

I am the proud Executive Director of Marshall's Institute for Communication Technology Management (CTM), and we are celebrating our 25th anniversary on October 28th. CTM was founded when AT&T was being broken up and the telecom industry had to deal with disruption on a major scale. Obviously, many things have changed since then. But one thing hasn't changed at all: disruption continues. And that's not a bad thing. Disruption invites creativity and new thinking in the technology and media fields.

CTM delivers thought leadership in this sector through consumer research, business strategy, executive education and leadership events. To ring in our silver anniversary, we are assembling a summit of visionaries at the intersection of technology and content. We call our Executive Roundtable "Delivering the Digital Future," and it focuses on providing insights on a variety of cutting-edge issues. John Gerzema, Chief Insights Officer at Young and Rubicam, will explore insights from his new book, Spend Shift, on what consumers want today and what they will likely want tomorrow. Senior executives from Qualcomm and Motorola will address the user experience of connecting via digital devices. And Tim Kring, creator of HEROES, will speak on transmedia and creativity in the digital age.

I have spent a lot of time musing about the convergence and collisions between the technology and media businesses as this anniversary approaches. It's clear to me that the need for thought leadership is even more compelling than it was 25 years ago. "Delivering the Digital Future" will contribute to shaping that vision and I hope you will join us. Disruption is all around us. Dive in.

We are looking forward to seeing you on October 28th.


Lucy Hood
Executive Director
CTM: Institute for Communication Technology Management