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Allen Weiss: No, You Didn't Win A Laptop
February 19, 2010 • by Allen Weiss

Dear Friends of Marshall:

A few weeks ago we asked for your feedback about MarshallVOICES. Because we didn't headline the survey "You could win a free laptop!" we thought we'd receive a modest sampling from which to base our results. Instead, we had over 800 detailed responses which, frankly, is an extraordinarily high return rate for any on-line survey. There's a great interest in MarshallVOICES, and we are delighted that they are well received.

What voices did you want to hear more of? 80% said "alumni," particulary stories from successful entrepreneurs. 56% also chose "faculty." So you'll hear more from those two groups.

Do you like the frequency? 65% said it was right; 35% said it came too often. But there was an interesting correlation: Many of you added notes hoping to receive more timely research and business content. So, beginning this spring, we will launch MarshallINSIGHTS, a monthly e-mail offering in-depth research from our faculty. MarshallVOICES will appear twice a month.

MarshallINSIGHTS will offer summaries of extensive research articles with links to the full essays. As one respondent wrote: "Please use this vehicle to achieve clear demonstration of the thought leadership and relevance of the Marshall School..." We can do that, and we will do that.

MarshallINSIGHTS will be content driven and in depth; MarshallVOICES will offer personal insights and inspiration. In an era of e-mail inundation, both will be succinct and will aim to give you something of value. Our goal is to build community and share knowledge and experience.

Parents appreciate information about what's going on at Marshall. (Have you ever tried to get a 19-year-old to tell you about their academic classes? I have, and it's easier to extract a wisdom tooth.) We will integrate e-mails designed for parents, to lift the cone of silence.

The USC Marshall/Leventhal family believes in service leadership. Thank you for taking the time to answer the survey. We look forward to providing you with more information, more inspiration, and an even stronger Trojan community.

Best wishes,

Allen Weiss