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With an emphasis on entrepreneurship and innovation, collaborative research and social responsibility, the USC Marshall School of Business is ideally positioned to address the challenges of a rapidly changing business environment. Our guiding philosophy – success demands an understanding of the inner workings of the global marketplace –has established USC Marshall as a leader among the nation’s premier business schools.

A global mindset

USC Marshall provides powerful global experiences across a range of disciplines and interests. USC Marshall was the first school to require international travel and study projects as an integral part of every MBA degree. Marshall’s Global Leadership and Learning About International Commerce programs were the first of their kind available to freshman students. And USC is home to more international students than any other American university.

Throughout their academic programs, Marshall students gain critical international perspectives as they explore the opportunities presented by cross-cultural collaboration. Across Asia and Latin America, our students soak up key lessons from established and emerging economies. They interact with and learn from executives in Shanghai, Seoul, Tokyo, Beijing and Bangkok. They develop internships to examine the economic complexities of the European Union or to understand the dynamics of manufacturing in Mexico City. During their journeys our students learn about new cultures, and from those experiences they gain a broad understanding of the economic and social issues that influence markets.

A bold curriculum for the new millennium

The New Marshall curriculum enhances academic flexibility for undergraduates while still maintaining the rigorous core business program that is a hallmark of USC Marshall. Building on a strong foundation in business fundamentals, students round out and enhance their program by participating in international experiential learning opportunities, choosing an area of in-depth business study, and pursuing study in an area outside business.

Leaders of tomorrow need a mindset that allows them to effortlessly cross boundaries, whether those borders are international, cultural or disciplinary. The Marshall curriculum at the undergraduate and graduate levels nurtures a global mindset by providing business students with meaningful cross-cultural experiences across campus or around the world. The innovative Marshall curriculum allows for customization because our students have diverse backgrounds, interests and aspirations.

Thought leaders and knowledge creators

Faculty members throughout Marshall consistently pursue and meet the challenge of developing bold new approaches to academic research as they push the boundaries of traditional scholarship. Marshall faculty venture beyond traditional business research, stretching the reach and breadth of their scholarship and engaging in issues, policy discussions and solutions to challenges across the global economy. As our faculty members pursue research, they keep in mind that it must advance how we think about issues related to innovation, technology, communication, entrepreneurship and social responsibility, and they actively involve undergraduate and graduate students in the research endeavor.

An unparalleled alumni network

An affiliation with USC Marshall opens up a bold world of possibilities. Our graduates enter the world of business supported by a powerful group of advocates—the USC Marshall Trojan Family. This alumni network of more than 70,000 Marshall graduates provides a lifelong connection and resource, whether helping a recent graduate land that first job or assisting a seasoned professional during a mid-career change. Relationships with the Trojan network give graduates an inside track in a competitive job market and challenging economy, and these enduring connections often take Marshall graduates’ careers to the next level.

A location linked to innovation

Situated in Los Angeles, California, the Marshall School provides ready access to industries defining the new business frontier: biotechnology, life sciences, media, entertainment, communications and healthcare. As a prime gateway to Asia and Latin America, our location gives us a unique worldview and has resulted in an alumni community that spans 44 countries. This vast network offers Marshall graduates exceptionally strong support for success in the global marketplace. Whatever their background or country of origin, USC Marshall students join a global community of thought leaders who are redefining the way business works.

Marshall Community

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