University of Southern California

Vineet Naik
Master of Accounting
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Graduating Year
Undergrad Institution
Boston College
Los Angeles, CA and India

With an undergraduate degree in finance from Boston College and four years of experience as a financial analyst under his belt, Vineet Naik turned his sites on a Master of Accounting degree.

“Working in finance I didn’t think I was learning as much about actual businesses as much as I would have liked,” he said. “I think accounting is a good way to do that because as an accountant you’re on the clients’ premises, looking into how different businesses and industries operate.”

Before starting the MAcc program, Naik participated in the Summer Intensive. “It was terrific,” he said. “I think it really caught all the non-accounting undergrads up to speed.”

Though he applied to two of the nation’s top programs, Naik said USC Leventhal was the obvious choice because of the strong Trojan Network and the opportunity to meet professionals from Los Angeles’ accounting community throughout the program.

“The best aspect of the program is the people you meet, not just students, but professors and professionals,” said Naik. “You develop relationships, even become friends.”

Naik said the networking opportunities are “everywhere.” He keeps in touch with one CFO he met during a Strategy Through the CFO Lens class, in which the professor brought in numerous guest speakers from companies like Disney and Dole. He also plans to get together with another professional he met at a scholarship dinner to discuss the banking industry.

“One of the first recruiting events we had, I met a partner from Grant Thornton, and we immediately clicked,” Naik said. “Not long after that, they offered me a job. I took it and didn’t interview at any of the other firms because I didn’t want to. I don’t know if that would have been possible at other schools because I don’t know if they have those types of relationships with firms and the individuals that work there.”

After graduation, Naik will be working in Grant Thornton’s auditing practice, which he said is his ideal job. “I think you learn the most about businesses in the auditing area of the profession,” he said.

“I’m very excited about the future, about the way things turned out and the way things are headed, with the people I’ve met and the people I’m going to work for,” Naik added, “and USC made it extremely easy to get to that point.”