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I was confident that I had the best business model and that I would work it until 16 Handles was No. 1 in the East Village.
The WBB is so selective, I never imagined that I would make the cut.
The MBV program exceeded my expectations in every way.
Education is how to fish, how to live your life, how to do business. Helping others to help themselves is the key.
These programs equip students with critical tools for career success in a shifting global economy.

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Senior Director (Value Chain Management & Field Service) at Oracle

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Beverly Hills, California  
Working as an accountant at a large insurance company, Heith noticed a common denominator among the executives: they all had MBAs from high-quality schools. Wanting to diversify his career opportunities, he chose Marshall and learned the skills that landed him a position as senior finance specialist in the corporate strategy group at MGM/Mirage in Las Vegas.