University of Southern California

Andrew Do
USC Marshall MBA.PM 2009
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Johns Hopkins University

Andrew Do learned a key business lesson early in his career. The Johns Hopkins-educated computer scientist joined Boeing after receiving his master's degree and soon realized that, "while you need people to perform the technical function, the real value added is a factor of people who can fuse technical knowledge with business knowledge." Eager to catapult my career to the next level," Andrew entered the MBA.PM program at Marshall.

Recognizing the financial benefits of working while pursuing his degree, Andrew kept his job as a technical lead doing enterprise IT. He admits that balancing work and study was "a definite challenge," but says, "I'm a much better part-time student than a full-time one. Having the structure of my job created a context for me to fit in classes and coursework throughout the rest of my day."

At Marshall, Andrew found a supportive, collaborative environment with colleagues who became friends. "My classmates were the best," he says. "They really cemented the experience for me.  From day one, it was clear that we weren't there just to learn, but to help each other out. No one was out to get anyone else, and we all realized that the more successful we are as a whole, the more successful we are as individuals."

As student body president, Andrew developed lasting relationships and critical leadership skills. With 13 vice presidents reporting to him across seven different functions, the position allowed him to appreciate the complexities of management—and the value of a top-tier business education. "What's great about Marshall is that the learning started way before I entered the classroom, and didn't stop once I left."