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James Person
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Since graduating from IBEAR 10 years ago James Person has been the chief operating officer of the CDG, a trade association for cellular communications. Prior to attending the USC Marshall School of Business IBEAR program, James had been working for an Internet company when the tech bubble burst. He decided to go back to graduate school. Since he had a wife and children, the 12 month IBEAR program attracted him. “Along with the program being condensed,” James said. “The IBEAR team really gets to know families through picnics and other events.”

IBEAR Experience
“I'd had a good trajectory in technology, program management, product marketing, sales,” James explained. “But what I didn't have a good background in was on the finance side.” James need additional tools in finance so that he could be prepared for more general management jobs. These skills set him up to move into his current role as chief operating officer. One thing missing from his IBEAR experience, he said, was a job services office focused on people who were not in their early 20’s and just out of college. “I’m pleased to hear that they now have someone to specifically look after the needs of mid-career people.”