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Shiro Naba
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Shiro Naba has been CEO of four multi-national corporation headquartered in four different countries. He is Senior Managing Director of Japan Air Terminal Co., Ltd., and credits IBEAR for providing the tools he needed to manage companies successfully. “There have been good times, and bad times running a business, but the experiences I had in the IBEAR program as well as the global network of IBEAR alumni, have helped me tremendously.”

IBEAR Experience:
Shiro recalls the time that while a student in the IBEAR program when McDonnell Douglas was exploring an investment in Japan. He had to research and analyze the situation, and then give presentations to over 20 executives. “I learned to follow a process and to not be afraid of presenting my findings,” he said. Shiro explained that you can learn about the past from statistics, but to move forward into the future, you need to make good decisions. IBEAR helped him to developed this process.

His advice for future IBEAR students is “Take a chance based on your heart. You can achieve what you want to do, even if your vision of what that is isn’t totally clear yet. Seize the opportunity.”