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Ricardo Martins
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Ricardo worked for Sheraton near Tiananmen Square in 1989, when the protests took place. The uprising created tension and brought tourism to an abrupt halt in Beijing. Following this event, Sheraton Hotels sent Ricardo to the USC Marshall School of Business for an IBEAR MBA in order to help the chain stay current in a world that was rapidly changing around them.

While in the program, Ricardo says that working with other IBEAR students enhanced his negotiating skills. “I didn’t fully appreciate this while a student,” he explains, “I do now. By working closely with people from different backgrounds and in different environments in an in-depth manner, I learned how to create win-win negotiating situations.”

Benefits of IBEAR Alumni:
While based in Hong Kong, Ricardo was able to reach out to former classmates and alumni. Whether in his line of business, or working in an industry that’s indirectly related, he’s found a highly valuable networking web.

Ricardo is putting his international training to good use, working in Macau, for a company that provides pre-construction of hotels, casinos and other buildings.

He attends the IBEAR conferences once a year to stay in touch with other alumni. “I’m not on Facebook,” he said. “But I attend the conferences every year to stay in touch. It’s good for my career, but seeing old friends is an important part of it as well.”