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Marcus Liu
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Marcus Liu is based in Beijing and works as a commodity trader. Prior to this, he was an entrepreneur in the Northeastern part of the China. During this time, due to a dispute with business partners, he decided that he wanted more tools for success. He looked for a program that led directly to employment, would expand his network, and had the prestige to help him brand his future. This criteria brought him to the USC Marshall School of Business IBEAR program.

Benefits of IBEAR:
According to Marcus, “The IBEAR program provided me both the software and the hardware that I needed.” He explained that what he meant by “software” was how the program encouraged people to work together and communicate well. By students taking on intensive projects together in short periods of time, they all gained this skill. The “hardware” is the academic achievement and courses mastered during the program. The connection that led to his first job upon graduating was from the IBEAR graduation commencement speaker, an IBEAR alumni and commodity trader. These days his motto is “Think big and take action. You need confidence and a good education to do these.”