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David Chang
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David Chang studied chemistry in college but realized he didn’t enjoy life in the lab. When he returned to Taiwan, he began working for the China Credit Information Service, which had been founded by his father. It became clear that while he knew periodic tables, he didn’t understand balance sheets, so he needed to study business.

IBEAR Experience:
Prior to this, the company had sent one of their vice president’s to the USC Marshall School of Business IBEAR program, and he recommended that David also attend the IBEAR program. There, David learned that the main difference between science and business is that business requires people skills. “IBEAR, as a program, changed me from scientific study to social science. I think it’s more interesting because dealing with people can be more challenging.”

In Taiwan, the IBEAR family is extensive, but David describes the “family ties” as “Alumni relationships that are not only vertical but also horizontal,” he said. “They aren’t only domestic, within Taiwan, but also international.” China Credit Information Service is the third party that provides security and trust between companies that are selling and buying. David’s experience at IBEAR taught him to mediate international deals. The IBEAR program was a great fit for his career change and company. He explained: “Combine expertise with knowledge’ is our company’s slogan because we believe both work experience and education are important.”