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Bong Rak Son
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Bong Rak Son is the Chairman of KCC Steel in Korea. Chairman Son said prior to his time in the IBEAR program, his company sold the vast majority of its products inside Korea. However, due to his experience in the USC Marshall School of Business IBEAR program, the skills he gained helped him take KCC Steel products overseas. This includes starting a joint venture with an Ohio based company.

IBEAR Experience
Arriving to an intensive program with two young children was a challenge, but he found a supportive community among other students. He also discovered that after graduation these strong connections extended to the alumni network both in Korea and internationally. He works directly with IBEAR alumni in the Philippines and Indonesia and attends all IBEAR Global conferences. He found that when a hundred IBEAR graduates get together, there’s a lot of potential. Though he taps into the world-wide alumni network, he explained: “What I appreciate most is the confidence I gained to negotiate with American companies.”