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Alice Wang
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Alice Wang considers her IBEAR MBA a lifelong investment. “Even though the program was just one year and created a fast turning point for me at the time,” She said. “IBEAR shaped the next 15 years of my life.” Upon completing undergraduate college in Beijing, she had wanted to work internationally, so set out to find the right graduate program and decided on the IBEAR program.

IBEAR Experience:
Upon arriving at the USC Marshall School of Business IBEAR program Alice received a warm welcome from the faculty. However, she felt the biggest benefit was working with fellow students who had so much real world experience. Through interacting with her classmates, she came to learn her own strengths and weaknesses, but ultimately developed teamwork skills. “When working on a team, sometimes you learn to compromise,” she said. “Because you have to finish your project.”

IBCP Consulting Project:
Alice was on a team with students from the United States, and their project was helping a U.S. company compile information about entering the Chinese market. She now works in investment. While her main focus is China, she also looks for opportunities with other countries. “We are currently seeking companies relocating in China,” she said. “This is why the IBEAR program has been a lifelong investment. It taught me to set my vision globally.”