University of Southern California

Collin A. Aranjo
WW Corporate Buyer - Procurement - Apple
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"Diversity is a reality at USC’s GSCM program. Our cohort includes students who not only live internationally, but also have worked Internationally. My section mates are experienced, and well versed in the supply chain realm.

They have the leadership skills, and cultural sensitivity that is imperative to success in today's increasingly connected business environment.

Faculty of our GSCM program is truly commendable. They are highly receptive and knowledgeable in their respective area of expertise. I truly admire their willingness of listening to ideas and opinions of their students. A learning platform as such only adds richness to class discussions, and compliments the learning environment.

I consider it my privilege learning alongside such experienced and exceptionally talented individuals. I wanted to get an education that would help me connect my already acquired business knowledge to the Supply Chain real world business realities. USC’s GSCM program not only facilitated that need, but also has exceeded my expectations on a much superior level."