University of Southern California

Jason Young
A cosmopolitan Californian finds a program that fits his aspirations
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Graduating Year
San Gabriel, CA

"I chose USC because it's in Los Angeles, it's in a diverse city where there are so many things to do in a diverse metropolitan area," says Jason Young BS '06. "And I chose Marshall because it has a high-quality, high-caliber undergraduate program with excellent professors and a good curriculum."

That's the sort of focused, straightforward analysis that Young, from San Gabriel, Calif., will be expected to provide as he begins his post-college career working for a global technology and consulting firm that he declines to name.

For Young, the key word is "global." Prior to his Marshall days, Young had traveled some, to Asia. But post-matriculation, Young's globetrotting intensified. Through USC, he took class trips to Mexico and China. He worked for two months in Singapore at the U.S. Embassy. On campus, he took advantage of the opportunity to meet as many international students as possible – there are more than 100 countries represented on campus, Young points out.

"There was a great opportunity for me to meet students from outside the United States, to learn not only about how business was conducted and to perceive what the business culture is like elsewhere, but also to learn more about other customs," he says. "How do people live on a day-to-day basis? What is the government like? What is the cultural aspect? What is the social aspect? It was just a wealth of information, and a very culturally rich experience."