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Susannah Steinberg
Her predictive model calls for success
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Graduating Year
Buffalo, NY

Susannah Steinberg BS '06 would like one day to become president of a film studio's marketing department.

Spend a few moments speaking with Steinberg, and review her USC Marshall School of Business accomplishments, and that goal doesn't sound unrealistic. Steinberg, from Buffalo, N.Y., has already interned at 20th Century Fox, in domestic theatrical marketing; at Buena Vista International, in London, in the marketing sales department; and at Paramount, in the market research department.

Also, as an independent Marshall project, she developed a predictive model for motion picture box office business. Using publicly available data, Steinberg pored over 16 years' worth of data, incorporating information such as opening weekend grosses, total box office takes, number of screens, lead actor, director, sequel or franchise or remake status, production and marketing budgets, studio, and tracking information.

Catherine Sugar, business statistics professor, advised Steinberg on the exercise. "She is one of the friendliest and most helpful professors I've ever had," Steinberg says, adding, "I've really enjoyed all of my professors at Marshall. There hasn't been one I haven't liked."

Steinberg just signed a lease on a new apartment. She'll now begin interviewing for her first post-collegiate employment position. It won't be president of marketing. Yet.