University of Southern California

Anh-Thu (Chloe) Nguyen
Starting Up in a Startup Company
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Graduating Year
Cerritos, CA

Having worked part-time jobs and various internships since she was 17, Anh-Thu (Chloe) Nguyen knew just what she was looking for in her first post-collegiate job. "Being in a company where I can interact with a lot of different departments is very appealing to me," says the marketing major. "I like to dip my hand into what everyone is doing."

It's fitting that she launched her career as a marketing coordinator at a startup Internet company, Total Beauty. She was the ninth employee hired by the fledgling and rapidly growing website company. "I don't do only marketing," says Ms. Nguyen. "That's the part that really attracted me to a startup. I like being able to interact with everyone else. The CEO actually comes up to me and asks, 'How are things going?' I don't think anywhere else you would get that kind of attention and that kind of respect."

Not only is she excited about the opportunity to learn all aspects of the company, but she also is eager to help develop creative ways to market the new site. "When you're dealing with online, there's just so much clutter. We're always trying to find ways to shine through, shine past all that. There are a lot of beauty and hairstyles sites on the Internet and we're aiming to be the number one beauty resource for women."

The same kind of adaptability and range of experience she was seeking in her career also applied to her choice of college and degree. "I think having a business major allows me to be really flexible," she says. "It's really important in whatever you do." As for why she attended Marshall, the Cerritos native adds, "I decided to go to USC because of its prestige. And also it's close to home."

During her senior year, she took a new products and branding class, which helped confirm her decision to focus on product and brand management. "It was interesting to me to see how people manage their brands - to maintain their brand, to get customer loyalty, to get new customers, to come out with new products," she says. Another favorite class was Stategic Management, which focused on cases. "You learn a lot from history. Every company's case is different and yet you still take something from one case and remember it later. Hopefully that will help me later in life when I'm managing a company or managing a product or managing a brand."